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case study:


While working at this startup beauty company, we were selected to participate in an ephemeral retail event hosted by The Strategist.

The aim of the pop-up store was to highlight various sustainability-focused emerging brands in one curated "brick and mortar" store.

In this, my task was to design a functional retail station to showcase our products and ethos. Follow below for a step-by-step process!


The Problem

We were given a finite space in the store for us to install our own booth.

However, the store provided each "station" with some shelves and a custom nameplate. 

My first step was to go to see the space in person and take measurements, then decide on what the product selection would be from my employer.

The Prototype

Once I had all the date needed, I tapped into Blender (3D software) to sketch up some prototypes of the space.

This allowed us to gauge how our products would sit on the shelves and how to maximize our available stock at the booth, all while being aesthetically appealing and on brand.

Once I had a few different options to show, I gathered feedback from colleagues, family and friends.

From this, I came up with the idea of fitting a bookcase with caster wheels, which could roll from under our counter and display products - all while holding inventory and accessories on the backside.


The Result

Once my prototype got approved by my employer and by the store coordinators, I was tasked to put it all together and bring the vision to life - Real life!

In our concept, we envisioned a wall made of moss, to serve as an aesthetic backdrop, to encourage shoppers to pose and take pictures at our booth.

After hours of gluing moss to large foam-core boards and mounting them on the wall at the store, we ultimately decided that it was too distracting against the other booths in the store and opted for a simpler solution: some lucite photo stands and plants. This was still an effective way of expanding our footprint in the store and creating an aesthetic experience, all while serving as a backdrop for the few times we held free facial events on select weekends.

At the end of the event, our booth was the highest performing one within the store.

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