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case study:

Virtual Babysitters Club

This company was born at the dawn of the global pandemic in 2020.

Their aim is to give opportunities to actors and entertainers by having them host virtual babysitting sessions, during which they put their skills to use to entertain and educate children that are home-bound.

My tasks were to develop their logo, content and marketing strategy.


The Problem

Creating trust within potential consumers so that they feel comfortable booking sessions for their children as educational entertainment through virtual "classrooms".

The Plan

Once we agreed upon a logo, based on their original sketches and direction, I was able to craft a digital marketing plan and setup their initial campaigns within Facebook Ads Manager and their email campaigns through Klaviyo. 

We also created a gift card system and promoted those through ads as well.

The primary goal here was to drive traffic to their site and get views.


The Result

Once our initial campaigns had ran for given amount of time, I then created a digital reporting tool using Google Sheets for them to then plug in their data export(s) from FB Ads Manager and compare results week over week.

We also developed further content to allow us to focus on retargeting and conversions moving forward. We tried various styles and approaches in content, such as "memes", videos, gifs, etc...

Today, Virtual Babysitters Club is still active and growing, with their own in-house marketing team.

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