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case study:

Dojo Productions

This french company wants to become a hub for talent, an all-encompassing agency, that can provide a variety of services across branding, marketing, PR, photo and video production, sound and music production and sales.

This is the journey of the logo design.


The Problem

When starting the process, the group did not have a name yet - we truly started from scratch!

We explored various names, cross-checking them with registered company's in France, social media profiles and existing websites.

Once we agreed upon a name, I then explored different potential styles and identities.

The Process

Once we narrowed the name down to "Dojo" I began exploring different visual styles and researching competitors.

The client gave me lots of input and adjectives to describe their vision. The biggest challenge was to find something that would work as well on a corporate letterhead and invoices, as on a hip-hop music videos, and everything in between.

It needs to be "energetic" but not too "aggressive", "sharp and strong" but not too "rigid and cold", be "real" but also have some "fantasy" and be "dreamy"...

They also were debating whether to embrace the Japanese roots of the word, or to exclude it.


The Result

After exploring many different concepts and styles, we decided it was best to stray away from the Japanese iconography and stick to a simple typographical logo.

The "wave" idea came to me when reviewing their descriptive words and vision. Since they wanted something "strong" yet "smooth" and "poetic". 

This allowed me to create a square-shaped lettermark that has sharp angles and strong vertical lines, but also has curves and an element of "fantasy". 

Also, this style remains really legible at any scale and on any medium and situation. It looks great distorted, overlaid on a photo, on a business card, and so on...

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